You take care of the guests,
Lobby Boy does the rest


Today’s Agenda

Displays daily occupancy in real time, guests lodging status, easy check-in and check-outs, daily events, easy to add group bookings

Cloud Based

The Lobby Boy Property Management System is cloud based where you can access it at any time from anywhere

PMS & Channel Management Integration

Fully integrated with Myallocator, which allows for synchronisation of your inventory through hundreds of online booking channels.

Set long & short term rates

Setting your daily, weekly and seasonal rates for any yearly quarter is easily done through the Lobby Boy as well as allowing the user to make the rates for any upcoming events such as festivals. Each change automatically updates all bookings through all channels.


Comes built in with a sales system which allows you to keep tracks of sales made to individual customers for amenities such as breakfast, beers and bike rentals.

Multiple Users

Multiple accounts for multiple employees allowing management to keep track of all activities in the accommodation.

Starts from 12.5 €

Price is calculated according to the number of the rooms and not the number of beds. For any questions and an accurate pricing plan please email us at

Sort your establishment easily

With the Help of the Lobby Boy, you can organize your property in any way you please in fewest clicks possible.


  • Hostel Han – Prishtina

    After several busy seasons with lots of bookings we had to update our availability several times during the day in the booking sites. We had difficulties keeping track of all our availabilities and this lead to overbookings, which was an unpleasant experience. Then we came across Lobby Boy. We were pleasantly surprised at how fast, reliable and efficient it is and we finally managed to solve our everyday problems.

  • Shanti Hostels - Skopje

    Shanti hostels are friendly hostels run by a couple of travelers themselves. In the past we used Excel sheet to track our guest list but it was time consuming when you received booking and then you had to update your Excel with the booking details. Now we manage our hostels using the Lobby Boy Property Management System which offers an incredible user-friendly calendar where booking details are updated automatically. It saved us lots of time.

  • Haris Hostel – Sarajevo

    Haris Hostels started in 2004 in Sarajevo with one small hostel and now we have two hostels. Having two hostels in different parts of the city makes it hard to track and keep up to date with the rooms and rates. Thanks to Lobby Boy we can easily add and change room types, setup the rates, and add different seasons in both hostels at the same time. Since we started to use it we did not experience any trouble and our staff learned how to use it in a matter of hours.