Reputation Management

  • 22/06/2021

We are all aware that online reputation has become very important for every business. And the management of their online reputation should be part of their business strategy. By online reputation you are more aware of how the guests perceive your business. You should engage with your guests by answering to their reviews. When you get positive reviews you should try your best and make sure to make good use of it by maximizing its exposure, whereas you should as well try to response to the negative reviews in a positive way ensuring them that you will try to resolve their problem, and this way you also get some insights on what is going wrong with your business and what you can do to improve your services. Based on some statistics we have obtained around 93% of consumers think that reviews are very important especially when you’re deciding to book a room in a hostel/hotel. And then there’s another 50% of those who decide not to book a room when any reviews do not appear on the page of the specific hostel.

Because reviews are very important, you should try to encourage your guests in writing a review at your page by sending them emails after they have checked out. And it actually not only provides you more reviews but it as well prevents getting fake reviews. You should always try to stimulate conversations, by answering to your guests reviews, they will immediately share it In their profiles and more people will be aware of your existence.
We know that getting bad reviews drives you into thinking a lot of people will take these into account and we will lose a lot of potential guests.

But in reality that is what reputation management is all about, you making good use of bad reviews. You should try to provide an appropriate answer to each of your bad reviews due to the fact that people might start speculating. An 82% of people asked said that when hostels responded to bad reviews improved their perception of the hotel. And a 62% said that it made them actually book a room there.

You should try to make good use of all your reviews on different platforms and this way your potential clients are more aware of the services you provide and your business.