Importance of having Property Management System

  • 22/06/2021

As a Hotel, Hostel or B&B owner you want to increase your occupancy and incomes. From my personal experience, one of the best ways is to enlist your property in as many Online Traveling Agencies “OTAs” possible such as,,, ect. Having your property listed in numerous OTAs creates a managing problem especially if you still rely on pen & paper and / or excel spreadsheets. Managing your property this way will result in losing at least 3 hours per day of your valuable time and ending up having less time to spend with your guests. Being a hostel owner myself, I know the importance of having more time to spend with your guests, they are most probably for the first time in your country/city and they want to know: which are the best places to visit, where are the best places to eat and drink. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes explaining them such simple things.

One of the most common scenarios that occur at every Hotel, Hostel or B&B is: Guest(s) makes a reservation at your property, you add the guest(s) in your spreadsheet and you start to manually update your availability at all your OTAs. Later the same guest(s) notifies you that they wish to cancel their booking, now again you have to manually update your availability at all your OTAs. Also, if the guest that wants to extend his/their stay, you still must update your availability at all your OTAs.

The Lobby Boy robustly centralizes your booking data while allowing secure remote access.

It is a tailor made, affordable and user friendly property management system that helps every Hotel, Hostel or B&B. Any change made with The Lobby Boy PMS will be automatically updated to all your OTAs within seconds. Your managing couldn’t get any easier with our user friendly platform. The time when only large hotels and hostels could afford a quality property management system is over.

Join now and manage your property for a very affordable price, all within one system. Start your 30 days free trial and be convinced about the simplicity of the system.

The Lobby Boy is the interface to all your OTAs,

As we say in our team: You can take care of your guests, Lobby Boy does the rest!