Keeping the hostel staff and the guests safe

  • 22/06/2021

Working in the hospitality industry can be very tiring and challenging due to the fact that different circumstances may occur this way making your daily job harder and above everything riskier. Your guest may encounter in different situations, including here your staff too. And in order to keep your guests safe and your staff as well, you should take some measures. Here are some tips which would help in reducing violence.

Be aware that it can happen anywhere: People you might know, or faces you have never seen.

Prepare your staff awareness: teaching them how to approach to different situations that involve their own and clients security. Teach them the appropriate way of stepping-in when they see suspicious behavior before it escalates to violence. There are some sings to look for: aggression, sulking or even a possible temper-tantrum at check in, disregarding the authority, and usage of inappropriate statements.

Availability: Try to be more available and more understanding for your staff in order for them to report to you any suspicious behavior they might occur into.

Creation of Safety policies: When you create your safety policies, you inform your staff what needs to happen if there should be a crisis, including here a violent person or a natural disaster, either way a written plan of action should exist.

Security cameras: By installing security cameras, you are more aware of what is happening around your hostel/hotel, and this way the person responsible can easily deter guests from causing any kind of problem.

Quiet Areas: In order to prevent any potential theft happening in your hostel/hotel, the quiet areas should be patrolled, this way no thief would take that risk, knowing that there are always people there.