Property Management Software -“The Lobby Boy”

  • 22/06/2021

Imagine having a property management software system which is specific to the needs of your business! This would include handling multiple booking channels, checking room availability, daily, weekly and monthly rates, taking and amending reservations, accepting payments in multiple currencies, and corresponding with guests before, during, and after their stay.

Well that is the very reasons why The Lobby Boy was created with direct involvement from seasoned Hoteliers, Owners and Managers.

The way the global accommodation market is today with the majority of potential guests searching the internet for the best deals, by location, checking for definitive dates, and making their bookings directly themselves, rather than using third party travel agents means that operators need to be even more tech savvy, aggressively market and provide that ultimate guest experience more than ever before.

Online bookings whilst not a relatively new concept it remained the domain of the much larger Aggregators and Hotel Groups, with their significant financial capacity and IT resources. However, software development like much of technology tends to become more affordable with time and competition thus opening up the opportunity to compete on a more even footing.

So much so that it is now easily within the grasp and being readily adopted by many smaller Hoteliers, Boutique Hotels, Hostels and individual property owners. Particularly now that more people spend a lot of their time online – both guests and accommodation owners, managers/staff.

Best Property Management Software

The old physical paper based and PC booking systems used initially by much smaller accommodation providers, were very cumbersome and limited to collecting basic information – only capturing things like names, places of residence, their rooms, and the estimated time of arrival/departure.

One of the reasons for this was because guests were acquired via traditional media – TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, snail mail, phone calls and walk-ins’. Then greater worldwide internet usage totally disrupted the way that many businesses undertook their operations. With the Travel and Accommodation sector being early adapters and catalysts of online marketing and inevitably the demand for systems improvement.

Hoteliers and other property owners adapted to new innovations and technologies in running and marketing their businesses. Property management systems like The Lobby Boy are a part of that technology in the forefront of improving the overall workflow, integration and guest experience.

The Lobby Boy is a cloud-based software that is designed and built for convenience when it comes to property and channel management. It makes things easier for both property management and guests alike.

It manages to handle different types of properties such as the ones mentioned below, among others:

  • Hotels & Resorts, large and small
  • Condominium Hotels
  • B&B’s
  • Vacation rentals
  • Corporate housing
  • RV Resorts
  • Campsites
  • Private residence clubs, Aribnb’s
  • Workforce housing
  • Timeshare Resorts
Best Property Management Software

12 Features of The Lobby Boy Software

  • Mobile friendly
  • Cloud-based
  • Today’s agenda
  • Property Management System &
    Channel Management Integration
  • Extra Services
  • Multiple users
  • Starts from 12.5 €
  • Multiple properties
  • Shared inventory
  • Calendar
  • Agenda
  • Easy room setup

1. Mobile Friendly

More and more people are looking for travel and accommodation online using their smartphones or tablets and even go ahead and make the reservations directly from their mobile devices.

The Lobby Boy software is mobile friendly and ideally suited for presenting options for guests, dynamic guest communication, housekeeping schedules, room changes, and of course mobile check-in.

2. Cloud-Based

Being cloud-based means that users can access this software from anywhere, and at any time.

3. Today’s Agenda

The software shows the daily status of the rooms, such as the occupancy, check-in and check-outs, lodging status, events, and other things related to your property bookings at a glance.

4. Property Management System & Channel Management Integration

There is easy synchronization with hundreds of online booking platforms; such as Expedia, Booking, AirBnB, eBookers, and HostelWorld. Since the software is integrated with Myallocator, all bookings information and confirmations regarding reservations from the different platforms are returned to the user in real-time.

5. Extras/Services

Users are able to keep track of the extra services requested by individual clients such as meals, alcoholic drinks, car rentals, and even anniversary requests.

6. Multiple Users

Multiple employees within their respective management roles can have differing account access to monitor all of the accommodation process.

7. Starts from 12.5 €

The pricing of this software is calculated based on the number of rooms, not the number of beds.

8. Multiple Properties

For users that own more than one property, multiple properties can be managed through the one software. Managed, monitored and reported separately.

9. Shared Inventory

Sharing the inventory across one or more properties is easily managed within The Lobby Boy, maximizing occupancy rates and guest experience.

10. Calendar

An easy to use calendar gives you access to your booking schedules on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

11. Agenda

The agenda shows the occupancy and lodging status, such as check-ins, in-house, check-outs, and the number of free rooms.

12. Easy Room Setup

It is easy for users to manage the rooms of their properties with a simple and intuitive set up process.

Property Management Software

10 Benefits of The Lobby Boy Property Management Software

There are many benefits that come with The Lobby Boy software for business owners,:

1. Efficiency-Oriented Solutions

The Lobby Boy software offers an automated solution to processes, freeing up staff time to focus on other more guest centric and important actions that will improve the stay of guests. Saving time and Reduce Errors

2. Transparency-Based Communication

Simplified and clearer liaison with the different operational departments from front end, housekeeping and accounting.

3. Channels of Distribution

Scheduling, advertising and manually coordinating inventory across different online channels, leaves room for mistakes and errors, wastes time, staff resources, and could have a negative impact on the overall guest experience. The Lobby Boy is integrated with Myallocator, managing the distribution of your content simultaneously across hundreds of online channels, whilst your team manages all the bookings within The Lobby Boy system, minimizing issues or mistakes in bookings.

4. Sophisticated Revenue Tactics

The Lobby Boy software, allows users to implement effective revenue management strategies with accurate and real-time data tracking.

Along with comprehensive performance reporting to further plan and enhance revenues streams and opportunities.

5. Streamlined Check-Ins/Outs, Bookings, and Billing

You can easily miss out on repeat business due to the lengthy time taken during check-ins and check-outs, and not to mention other things such as billing, credit card processing issues, mini-bar usage, housekeeping, guest requests. So employing The Lobby Boy software means that these are all automated, easily, and efficiently, giving the guests a smoother more pleasant experience.

6. Real-Time Monitoring

As a business owner or manager, you’ll have more efficient control over bookings, rates, and performance of your facilities since The Lobby Boy software will offer up real-time monitoring and data of all the functions it performs, on all the platforms.

7. Less Paper, More Green

Using internet-based software means that the operational costs will be reduced when it comes to stationery, storage, and even transportation. Less paper means being green.

8. More Organizational Productivity

The Lobby Boy software encapsulates all your offerings, systems, processes and services, in one place, organized for efficiency and greater productivity.

9. Better Customer Service

The Lobby Boy platform is user-friendly, intuitive in the services and functionality, such as taking payments or check-in availability, and it makes it easier for managers to respond to customer concerns or queries.

10. Increased Competitive Edge

When using The Lobby Boy, management can focus on improving the guest experience rather than administration and paperwork. As a result of improved internal processes comes greater guest satisfaction.

Bottom line

In the accommodation business, effective and efficient management of assets is a major concern of property owners and managers. Whilst there are many property management software companies out there not all of them can offer all the functionality and ease of use that The Lobby Boy provides.

The Lobby Boy was created and designed from the ground up with direct involvement of seasoned Hoteliers to meet their day to day operational needs.

A digital solution that will improve operations and boost profits.