Top 5 Hospitality trends in 2019

  • 22/06/2021

Previously, Hotels and hostels were a place for people to feel better, and remove their mind from work. And certainly these people would say that the impact of technology on this industry is crucial. Because various transactions happen while using the technology and being online.

These are some trends that each hotel could use in their advantage:

  1. Millennials
    The millennials tend to travel a lot and most of the time they behave spontaneously. And due to that reason as a hostel you should try to make it easier for them to check in, and also you should try to provide good quality food for reasonable prices. And you benefit from them because they will post on social media and that would promote your hotel.

2. Tech explosion
These hotels should try to be more up-to-date, meaning that for every potential conference or business meeting to be held there, they need to provide their consumers with high tech equipment and more importantly a knowledgeable support staff, so when the customers need help to be provided instantly.

3. Influx of international visitors
Hotels should provide their customers staff who knows and speaks many languages fluently, so that the customers would feel more welcome and more like home. That would benefit the business because most of the time, based on other people’s experiences in many hotels the staff is not well equipped in speaking other foreign languages. With that provided more customers would choose your hotel first rather than others.

4. Emphasizing well-being
Nowadays people are very focused on their well-being. A lot of people have decided to stop using junk food and are more focused on creating a healthy life-style. That is why; a hotel should try to create more recreational spaces such as well-equipped fitness and pools, and a variety of healthy food options, and gaming spaces, table tennis, dart, table soccer, where people could spend more time, meet new people and enjoy their stay.

5. Need for seamless technology
Each day the technology is improving and every industry is benefiting from using it. In the hotel industry the improvements that have been made have made booking a room more attractive for people and even entering a hotel room easier than ever. Simply by offering mobile check-in and digital concierge services we make it more fun and easy for our customers to share information.
We have provided only 5 trends but a lot of attention should be paid to these in order for your business to be more modern and for you to attract more potential customers.